Why We Started Jews for Animals

December 24, 2016

We’re two Jews who really love animals, and we wanted to create a space for people to share their love for animals. Our love for animals has led us to adopt an animal-free diet, so we also want to use this space to share some of our favorite recipes, restaurants, and food.


Our hope is to create an online community of Jewish animal lovers. For some that love may stem from their relationship with their pets and for others it may be about their quest for creating a more just world where animals suffer less. I’m sure some of you care about animals from a purely emotional space, while others may be thinking about religious teachings. Whatever your connection is we want this to be a space for you.


We’re currently both university students so don’t have so much time to write new blogs and post on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which means if you want to share your thoughts drop us a note. We would also love to post photos or videos of your pets or animals you meet in the wild or at sanctuaries. We look forward to hearing from you!


Peas & love,

Ilana and Yossi




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Most penguins swim at four to seven miles per hour, but the fastest penguin—the gentoo (Pygoscelis papua)—can reach 22 mph! 


Penguins' tuxedos help them be camouflaged while swimming. From above, their black backs blend into the dark ocean water and, from below, their white bellies match the bright surface lit by sunlight. This helps them avoid predators.


More than half of all penguin species rank as either endangered or vulnerable to extinction. Climate change is one of the main threats to penguins' existence as it is eroding the Antarctic. Overfishing is another driver. Humans are collecting krill in ever-increasing numbers.

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Penguin Fun Facts:

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